Iphone App Joomla Module Php

Iphone App Joomla Module Php
We are looking for a someone that wants to work at a fast pace with high quality. The first project will be a iPhone application for a family of companies. We have some of the frame work completed. Most of the application is redirected to PHP on our web servers for viewing inventory, webcams traffic etc.

Also this person will need to be able to build Joomla applications and modules. Most of our sites are driven by Joomla.

Please in your proposal include your hourly rate for a 40 hour work week and code samples.

If the person works well at the pace we want this will turn into a full time salaried position with us. We are looking mainly at people outside of the United States that want to work through im and video conference. We will not consider any companies only individuals. The individual must be available to work at least 40 hours per week.

Thank You

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