Vbulletin Mod (forum Filter)

Vbulletin Mod (forum Filter)
We need someone to develop a custom mod for vBulletin that lets us tag forums in the vBulletin control panel. For example, if we had a forum for every model of computer, we could tag a forum with three variables:

Type of Computer: (Desktop, Laptop, Netbook, etc)
Manufacturer: (Dell, HP, Apple, Lenovo, etc)
Model of Computer: (big list of specific computer models)

When users come to the forum homepage of our site, they will be able to choose from three dropdowns (or use a search box) to filter the forums. For example, they could select “Desktop” and leave the other dropdowns blank and you would see the forums for all desktop computers; they could select Laptop / HP and see all forums for HP Laptops. Or they could just use the search box to search of a specific tag and only show the forums that match that tag.

Their most recent selections/search should be saved as a cookie so it is remembered when they return to the forum homepage.

I need and want a vBulletin expert so in your response, please include samples of vBulletin work that you’ve done.

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