Virtuemart Issues 2

Virtuemart Issues 2
I cannot get to see a product, it just displays a blank page. As discussed earlier about the ‘Whats New’ page I managed to find the file in question that it was missing and uploaded it now it gives an error:

Also with the Quick Find I would like it to go to a results page and if it doesn’t find a product then to show the actual search form again on the main page. The other tasks are below, most of them are just asthetic styling just tweeking a few things.

1. Can you fix the ‘Whats New’ page to display newly products added products.

2. Fix the home page design so it looks like this, then link each image and title to the right category.

3. Make the Category pages look like the attached image:

a. So put the title of the current category above the breadcrumbs
b. Then put the intro text of the page next to it
c. Make the pagination show up above the categories/products
d. Style the pagination as the image please
e. Style the title, price of the products as in the image – please take off the cufon text replacement for the titles so it looks like below – make sure the ‘£’ is showing

4. Fix the site so it displays the product detail page as below please. As for some reason this isn’t showing now, it used to.
a. Also can you install the trail of please

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