Database In Open Office Base 2

Database In Open Office Base 2
Nice simple database required, it needs to be completed in Open Office Base.

The database is similar to the standard Contact Manager Database Wizard in Microsoft Access, but my client requires it in Open Office.

Database will be used to store customer and trade contacts, and will be needed to produce reports based on certain criteria described further below.

Database to store the following information:

Customer Details
Account Number
1st & 2nd Name
Business Name
Job Title
Web Address
Fax Number
Telephone Number
Mobile Number

Line Of Business (which will be 1 of 17 options – drop down box required, must have option to add to if required)

My Clients Company Sales Guy Contact (1 of 5 different names, drop down box, must have option to add to if required)

Where customer heard of client

Check box if they want Newsletter

Prefered Contact

Prefered Method Of Contact (ie mobile, email, fax, letter)

General Notes (Memo)

All pretty simple upto here, nows the bit I cant do –

Client wants records of previous contact to customer – if you look at the microsoft wizzard database it logs contact notes, date, time when client speaks to customer.

Client also wants to set a date when next to contact customer – so cliet will run a report / query and it will produce a list showing who they need to contact on a set date, and only show records needed for that date.

Client also wants a report of all customers not contacted on their set date, so a tick box will be required I guess if client contacts their customer.

Also a report is needed on which sales guy called which customers on set date.

Can you add any other functions to this database that you think will be usefull????

Client wants multi user access to the database, so it can be updated by any sales guys at any time.

No interaction with internet or other software, this is a standalone database.

Please check out the microsoft wizzard as discussed, we almost want identical database to this, just with a few added date report functions.

Any questions please ask – this doesnt need to be a complicated project!

Happy bidding guys.

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