Website Gallery With Bio Clone

Website Gallery With Bio Clone
I would like a clone of this website I believe this site is written in php or html but I’m open to other languages, however I prefer php. I want a secure admin with full control of the website. I due want some changes. I would like to change how the pictures appear. If you take a look at this is how I want the pic to appear from the sets. If we could darken the background the better. To make myself clear the picture that blow up from small to big in another page I want them to pop up. In the page with the individuals info i need the sites featuring moved and space to add a shore bio on each individual person. As I stated before I want a clone so everything that this site provides banners, search, a through z I want a clone as they might say.

I will not put a price because it might be a lot of work so I don’t want to under estimate. Give me a quote and if it fits my budget we can work out a deal.

Will need a database written in mysql for all info. Unless you know of something else we can use.

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