License Management

License Management
This project is to create a software license management system (LM) in PHP on our Linux server for licensing trading indicator software and other software as contracted to manage.

Primarily, this license mgt server receives license authentication requests and validates the request.

A working prototype client-server environment is already working with LM data stored to a flat file.

This project creates a full working database-driven system. Additionally, LM customers can send over LM data that is DB saved and becomes the source data for future license registration and validation.

Changes are logged.
Logs are viewable by customers and LM admin.
There is an administrative interface.
Auto-generated emails are sent as needed.
Manual and auto-reporting as needed.

While the specs are limited (only a sample database/tables have been created) this lack of specs allows for some creative freedom.

A full spec is available for the working non-DB client-server LM system. This system also encrypts the data transferred and serialized via XML.

More specific project data can be received at during the interview.

All professional coding standards are to be done such as variable at top. All files with descriptive headers. Etc.

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