Bidrivals / Swoopo Clone

Bidrivals / Swoopo Clone
looking for a bidrival/swoopo clone with all the funtionality of both in a new design.

the site must be secure/w3c comliant.

the design and layout will need to be unique and simple to understand, it will be up to you to design but subject to our final approval.

the features of the website must be the same as swoopo and bidrival including:

– easy to use admin panel.
– each funtion must be able to be turned off/on for each Auction.
– Refferal function.
– Voucher function.
– User registration and account verification.( which puts the email addresses in a data base to be used in future emails).
– The time increasing by xx seconds when a new bid is placed after certain time. (settings via admin panel).
– Auction reserve/minimum price (Auction won’t end till certain price. which will be set on individual Auction).
– Automatic bidding system (eg: bid agent or bid butler) via admin set the time in seconds when the Bid Butler bids example: 4 second before ending).
– Bid Packs also bid packs for the auction with image. Winner gets the bid package automatically added.
– bid packs & cost can be edited (via admin panel)
– General pages such as terms and conditions and a help section which you can edit. Add your own pages also. (Fill out by my self).
– Ability to add payment Gateways eg Paypal. Authorise net optional.
– statistics on last bidders and total bidders (for each auction).

we are looking for quality at a low price and hoping for an on-going relationship as the website grows.

other details will be given to the developer later.

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