Coupon Website

Coupon Website
Summary: This project is to complete a fully functional coupon website and make a few modifications to a vbulletin blog/forum.

Similar websites are;; Study these sites and their features as this is what you are bidding on. I already have the design mock up but it needs to be converted for the site and for vbulletin (blog/forum). MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND THIS PROJECT FULLY. MUST KNOW HOW TO PULL DATAFEEDS FROM DIFFERENT NETWORKS VIA API/REST/SOAP/XML…detail your experience when you bid.

MOST IMPORTANTLY you MUST build this entire web application using AJAX Technology. If you are not a pro in AJAX please do not bid. If you are still not sure of what I mean here is the link of everything I expect my website to be Also, inline editing is a must. I should be able to tab into a field edit and tab out and have it saved. Editing the coupons on the back end should show in an Excel style interface that hooks into a database through Ajax. Most of the logic that creates the richness of the application is handled with jQuery.

Project Details:

If you are looking at as an example of what I need please see below.

I will NOT need the price comparison feature at this time.

I will also NOT need the auctions.

Lastly but very importantly let me end by telling you that I am a picky employer and have very high expectations. If you are not a detail oriented provider please DO NOT bid. I expect clean commented code and all of the basics that go with building a top notch web application. I expect the project to be completed on time. I expect you to test your work before you send it to me. I’ve noticed that many programmers do not do this simple task which then causes delays for all parties involved. During the project, I will have a second party on board checking the code.

All bidders should PM me with what they believe is the best solution to build this website and how they are going to go about doing it. Sending me links of prior work is okay and welcomed but it doesn’t tell me much. To win this bid you must PM me with a solution on how you plan to build this site and your overall understanding of what is needed to get the job done. If you just provide me the standard response you give all of your potential employers I will just ignore it.

As you bid, more detailed information will be provided by PM.

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