Website For Custom T-shirt

Website For Custom T-shirt
The project is to build a online store where the client can customize their own t-shirt, banner, flyer or business cards with the some identical features
as and

The detail of the application will be send to the developer in due time. We want the application to use php and ajax so
more platform can be compatible just like The user can upload a design in jpg or preferably vector files and apply it to the t-shirt, banner, flyer or business card.

After the client finishes the design a vector PDF is generated so he can confirm the final product and once he confirms then a copy of it is stored into the client’s member profile and also stored into the “Orders Section” of the site. For the payment method we are going to use paypal and preferably we would like the whole store to have absolutely No Flash programming.

The shipping has only two option normal mail by ground and UPS. The user can save up to 5 designs in the profile for 30 days and after that they will be erased. The site language is English. Please check carefully and understand
the requirements correctly before bidding.

Deadline: 6 week

A bonus will be give if the project completed in a month time (4 week).

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