Joomla Php Programming Sobi2

Joomla Php Programming Sobi2

I have a website that needs some PHP programming to fix some items with a Joomla component. The Joomla component is the SOBI2 directory component.

Some custom programming was done to create pop up, rollovers within the SOBI2 component. I have lost contact with the original developer and need someone to help finish.

The items I need completed are:

1) Move the items on the Advanced Search page.
– Display Extended Search Options by default
– Hide “Extended Search Options” button
– Move “Clear Selections” button to right of “Search” button
– Remove line/spacing for the two drop down menus, “Select Category” and “Region”. Make these appear directly below the “Search For” text box.

2) Image Thumbnails

– Allow users to add up to 3 images.
– Display images as thumbnails on the event detail view.
– Display images at top of detail view page.
– On click, show large version of image. Lightbox effect would be nice.

There are some more, minor items. But the two above are the urgent items.

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