Recruit Affiliates To Sign Up.

Recruit Affiliates To Sign Up.
I have already created the affiliates Clickbank Tools Page and all the resources they need to promote my site and get their 50% commission directly from clickbank.

I have also wrote a mini sale-page mainly to recruit affiliates to sign up to my clickbank affiliate program.

The thing I’ll like you to do to recruit affiliates is to get inside the minds of potential affiliates. Don’t just send them to a sign-up form. SELL the affiliate program. Send them to my page which explains the benefits of the program. Tell them why it’s so good.

Now tell me what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. I am looking forward to recruit thousands of affiliates from where they hang out in various forums like The Warrior forum, Site point and others etc. and how long it’ll take you.

“Please enter the secret code: HELP to let me know you actually read through this application”

Thank You.

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