Website Redesign Required

Website Redesign Required

Last year I used scriptlance to pick what I believed to be a very good website developer.
He designed the site, the business card, logo and a multimedia audio/video move-like trailer, amember payment page integration and eFront LMS front-end graphics integration.
The gentleman has very good graphical abilities but was plagued with other offline issues.
He designed the site to be used in Joomla. Shorlty after I gave him access for him to upload the final version, the site was immediately compromised and therefore I have had no use of my site.
I wasn’t given all the final source files and have tried tirelessly to communicate with the developer and have him complete the project despite paying for 6 months included support.

I have some of the final source available. The original files on the web server are still online but not displaying properly.

I would like someone to finish this project and securely bring the site online. Redesign the site if necessary if they can do something better.
Of course since I’ve plunked down money already I have only a small budget.
The person needs to have good graphical ability pictures and mini movie-like multimedia trailer.
If you are interested I can make what I have available to you.


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