WordPress Scheduler Plugin

WordPress Scheduler Plugin
We need a plugin for wordpress that will allow us to set a schedule for who receives the ‘new user’ registration notification email.

Normally this goes to whoever is setup under General Settings for email. Since we frequently rotate who we want the registration notification to go to, we have to login and change this manually everytime.

We want the plugin to allow us to set a dynamic schedule, like Mon- Weds registrations go to “email1” and weds-Fri they go to “email2”, etc. Where the times and emails schedule can be set or changed at any time.

Also, we want to be able to have it go to more than one email address at a time. For example: Mondays got to “email1” and “email2″(normally in WP, i think “email1”, “email2” works)

Looking for this plugin to allow us to seup multiple email addresses and set a schedule for new user notification. ‘Set it and forget it’ until we decide to change the schedule.

The plugin should be free from an ongoing royalties with us being able use it on multiple sites. Plugin code to be transparent so we can edit it later if we need. No encrypted files.

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