New Website Design Joomla

I am interested in getting a new site built like
I am a dealer for xblue.

I have ALL images available to me as a dealer located here:

There are a total of 3 phone systems that will be displayed, X16, 45P and XPlus100.

I already have my own business logo and would need it inserted onto the website.

You can copy as much as you need to from the xblue site but all pictures needs to be from the download link shown above.

Xblue has navigational buttons on the left and I would like those duplicated for my site. 1-for the X16, one for the 45P and one for the XPlus100 which would take them to the proper page. There would also be a link for about us, contact, Home. I am also a dealer for Ipitomy phone systems. I would also like a link for Ipitomy. Ipitomy has 4 different phones systems. I would need links to pages for the phones systems and phones, showing all features of them. This is pretty much a copy and paste type deal for the website.

Please make the site easy for me to edit, in order for me to change or add text. Joomla would be a good choice, but feel free to quote on something different.

This will be a COMPLETE site up and ready once you have completed everything for the site.

If you have any questions please ask them. The price you quote I will hold you to.

Happy bidding!

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