Basic Password Management Sys

Basic Password Management Sys
We are a development and hosting company and need a way to efficiently manage our account data, including usernames and passwords. This is something we have been doing with an online Google spreadsheet, but this has become too slow and ineffecient.

We would like an admin system for our staff to log into to manage domains and all data associated with it. What our thought is is after log in, you would have a list of domain names along the left column, then when clicked, the right column would populate with a set of tabs where data is available to view/edit associated with that domain.

Tabs will be: DNS, Email, FTP, Databases, Other

Each tab will be populated with content, passwords, links, etc.

Basically this is a way for us to store all data.

Looking for a developer who can do this, and tie the admin design into our existing site look and feel. (we can provide banner, access to CSS files from existing site, etc.)

Hopefully, this can be done using Joomla or Drupal rather than building from scratch, as we are needing this asap.

Questions via PMB, thanks.

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