Basic Cms Website + WordPress

Basic Cms Website + WordPress
I need a web designer who can create a CMS Website and WordPress Blog based on the design mockup I have already created. You will not need to come up with any design ideas but simply create the simple look I already have laid out.

Essential Tasks/Skills:
-Build website to look like my PDF mockup of site.
-Install open source Content Management System (i.e. Joomla!, etc.)
-Be able to use Photoshop or comparable program in order to create the header website and blog headers and other design elements based on my mockups. Must be able to crop/edit pictures & create/add gradients to pictures and websites.
-Be able to installing and modifying a WordPress blog (i.e. add header, nav bar, opt-in form, plug-ins)
Install the page specific title tags and meta tags I’ve outlined
-Install the Title tags and Meta Tags that I have established.

Terms of Job:
Payment- One third up front. One third on beta. One third on completion/bug fix.
Rating – I will not permit discussion of scoring until the project is completed and I will score 100% honestly and a top score cannot be assumed.
Outsourcing- You may not outsource this project to a third party.
NDA/NCA – Non disclosure agreement/ Non compete agreement must be turned in. This project cannot be copied or used again to bid on projects for another company. You may not illegally use anyone else’s technology simply because you were the prior developer.
Minor Changes Included in Bid- Will not pay for unforeseen but obvious minor changes that are not stated up front.
Free Bug Fix – all bugs will be fixed and minor tweaks will be done at no charge for 90 days.
Code word – Use this code word in the subject line of your reply to this job post. The code word is “elephant.” If you do not use the code word “elephant” in the subject line of your response, I will not consider you for this project because I am not interested in working with people who do not take care to read instructions.
Best guy on the team – If you are a web design firm, then I will ask to work with the best guys on your team, not the new guy as I want this project to be done well and timely.
Source code- I will need to get all source code (fully commented) as well as the non-commented code. Code will need to be stored on my server throughout the project.
I request template-based scripts where applicable.
This is an easy job for the right person.

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