Bus Ticket Reservation

Bus Ticket Reservation

I need you to write a module for Joomla (or recode existing one).
This is important & quick work.

Please find the description i posted last year below. I just want to make clear that this is an urgent call, i will give the project away very quick and i expect very quick work as well. Be aware that the system as discribed below is allready up and running, and you will need to check & include the data of about 70 customers that have allready booked after test of module & start of live run. Please read the complete project description.

I am providing Bus-Trips to different Events in Germany.

Until now, the whole reservation progress was made through a simple webform and forwarded via email.
An office worker than had to reserve the seats manually, create a bill and once paid, confirm the booked seats.
With growing passanger numbers this system gets very comlicated. I wish to have an automated solution coded.

The website of the project is right now purely .html based – with the planned relaunch it will be joomla cms based. (I am opened for other cms recommendations…)
I need a “Bus reservation” MODULE (You’ll have to test it on Joomla).
On the events (eg a music festival) page there will be a link “search your trip”.

Following the link, people will be directed to a page with all the outgoing trips with prices per seat.

On this page they can choose a trip and how many seats they want to book. Seating maps are not necessary as we work with free-seating in all our busses.
Then they can proceed to the next page.
Alternatively they can select “only come back” to go to the next page without selecting a trip.

On the next page, they are shown all the offered trips backwards with prices and can select one.
Alternatively they can select “only go” to proceed to checkout without selecting a trip backwards.

On the next page they have to put in their personal data and choose between Bank-Transfer and Paypal as Payment options before they can proceed (no payment processing needed!).

On the next page they get an overview over they booking.

On the next page they get to read and confirm the terms of service and to confirm the reservation.

Special requirements:
-Needs and interface where we can add Destinations and Departure with amount of Seats availible.
-Needs to take care that no bus is overbooked. So we add a departure with X-Seats and once the bus is full it is not possible to book it.
-Needs to handle X-Seats at X-Prices. Eg.: We put in a departure to a destination. We offer 53 seats all together. 5 of them are sold at $10, 30 are sold at $12, 18 are sold at $15
-If somebody selects a “Round-Trip”, meaning an out- and an in-going journey together, he gets a discount. (Round-Trip price).

After checking out, the script needs to create a bill (prefarably in pdf) by itself and send it to the customer via email right away.
Needs a backend where our office workers can change the status of bookings from “pending” to “paid/confirmed”. Once the status is changed, script needs to send an confirmation email to the customer.

For questions please ask me.

Please contact me for any questions. I can also give you a link to the system that is allready up and running.

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