Programming Project 1269708730

Programming Project 1269708730
Develop a javascript or similar script, to be hosted on a Joomla CMS installation, and to be simply included in an article of the CMS, doing the following:
• Get data on an external FTP website (txt file) at a fixed hour, every day
• Display the content gathered in HTML and in PDF (the data layout must be structured properly)
• If no data available on the FTP (no connection or whatever), do not update the content on my Joomla website, but keep displaying the last one
• The surfer of my Joomla website cannot have access to the FTP source, reason why I have to transpose the content.
The FTP location is modified everyday, the date is the variable.

I have 3 different sources like that (2 txt and 1 pdf) to render in HTML and for which the FTP source must be unvisible.

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