Links Page Hyperlinks Website

Links Page Hyperlinks Website
Hello there.

I have a need to add a link exchange page to my website which is

A seperate page needs to be created to the one which I am attaching a JPG file. It needs to look very similar to this.

It must have:

1. The ability to accept both picture links and simple hyper links.
See the example which has both.

2. A scroll bar similar to the one that is on the page now, so the person can scroll down if there are many links.

3. I MUST be able to add hyperlinks in the future myself. So I NEED to have you explain how to get inside the HTML or JAVA and do this myself. This is VERY important. I want to be able to do add/delete/change them later.

The link exchanges will all be very similar to this:

A Simple hypertext link:

<a href=””>All Seasons Wedding Ceremonies – Your Wedding, Your Way, Your Location</a>

A logo/Icon picture on the page:

a href=””><img src=”” width=”120″ height=”90″ border=”0″ alt=”All Seasons Wedding Ceremonies – Your Wedding, Your Way, Your Location” /></a>

Thank you

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