Coupon System

Coupon System
Hi guys,

Here is what we need:
A component which allows registered members the ability to redeem a coupon of a joomla based website.

Administrators Back end component:
When creating the coupon It must be uniquely numbered to keep track of whats going on, the admin must be able to set the time limit for the coupon, add an image, and select which users can access the coupon from a drop down list taken from the joomla core regsitered users.

Front end:
Users login via the normal joomla login modules.
They must only be able to view the coupons which is set by the administrator.
When the client clicks “redeem voucher” (a pop up window with a link to print will open) once the user clicks print it must be added to his/her account and a new unique number must be assigned to the new coupon in order to avoid reprinting the same coupon. Unless the admin has set a once off coupon in the back end.

We in a bit of a hurry to get this up and running.


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