Fax Control Panel Fixex J ( 3

Fax Control Panel Fixex J ( 3
I need a fax site that has been made to have a control panel that is like my(remove_this)fax.com. The site it made and 70% of the control panel is made, but I need to change the look of the control panel to look like my(remove_this)fax.com and have the progess bars that site has.

The site is www.fax(remove_this)itfast.com login using admin and password 123456 after you login go to the bottom of the page and click on the control panel.

So this job will require programming and design. I\’m willing to pay $100 more because I need it done in 4 days or less. So I\’m willing to pay $200 ($100 more for the short time frame).

Note: Each day you get it done before Sunday you will get $30 for eacy day. Each day you take longer then Sunday you will lose $30 a day.

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