Easy Upload Products To Websit

Easy Upload Products To Websit

Hi Guys. The project is back on the market as the previous person who accepted it advised that they do not have enough bandwidth to download the images. Please read the project description below so that you understand the project and can place a fair bid and you are able to handle the projects:

Hi. I have just created a website and need to upload products to it. I will need product descriptions to be coppied into the product as I have already written these (for most items) and all other info. I will need a price for uploading these products. there are around 1800 products that need uploading! heres a link to a product page showing what i’ll need doing.

I require a bid for the project from you all.

Here is the link to the website


It’s not on the live server yet but need it to be asap. Need to upload all the products first. I have added quite a few products myself. take a look and navigate around the products.

Hi all. If you havent realised by yet this will be like a data enrty job. as advised to previous people applying for this job, all pictures will be provided as .jpeg format for you to upload to the website. also for each product the text will be the same appart from the product name which need to be changed in the product description. see these two links for an example:




As you can see from the “additional information” box and “Product Features” box small changes have been made according to the product.

Also, take a look at these 2 products. They are from the same range but are different products and again only the additional information has had small changes and product features box.

I do not have all of the information so a bit of research will have to be done regarding product information (height, width, depth)and also prices will have to be looked up by you. I want to be the cheapest in the market but still want to be able to make a small profit!!

if you still wish to take on the project please contact me

My URL for the website that requires the products to be uploaded is www.rytefurniture.co.uk/home

I have had a lot of trouble in the past on scriplance with people saying that they can do the project but just are wasting my time.

I am looking for a company that I can create long term relations with as I have several other projects in the pipeline that require websites to be built for them and maintaining them for me.

There are approx 5gb worth of images (as they are high resolution images) but the website will automatically reduce the size of the image when it has been uploaded. If I compress them into a zip file they will compress to approx. 3gb. What would be the best way to upload these? FTP? I do not have an FTP site do you?

Hi this is more or less the exact process that you will go through with each product:

Before you read this pull up the screen shots that are attached to this project named admin screen shot/2/3 and go through each step as you read and look at the screen shot. you will get a better understanding of the project from this.

process of uploading a product:

The product will be named the same name as the .jpeg. so for example, if there is a .jpeg called Hampton (and this item is a bed) and this type of bed is a divan bed then the “url name” and “Display Name” will need to be “Hampton Divan Bed”

then the item will have to be added to its correct categories (eg: single bed, small double bed, double bed, kingsize bed, super kingsize bed, all beds and bedroom furniture) not all beds will fit into these categories as different beds come in different sizes (these are just examples)

You will then need to type “Hampton Divan Bed” into google.co.uk and find competitors selling this same bed. The competitor with the cheapest price will need to be coppied, and if possible take off £5 or so to make me cheaper, but only if it is still profitable for me to do so at this price.

The “Original Price” will need to be inflated to approx 150% of the retail price which you put in.

Then Height, Width and Depth will have to be entered. These you will have to get from competitor sites as I do not have all of this information

Delivery note will then have to be put in (These will all be supplied so you just need to copy and paste these in)

Product code will have to be made (eg. If the supplier is called Highgate Beds and the product is a Hampton bed, the Product code will be HighHampton. This is very important as I will then know which bed has been ordered and most importantly from which supplier)

Long descreiption will then need to be put in. This will be supplied to you. This will stay the same with each range but just the actual product name will need to be changed in the long description area to match the name in the “display name” box for that product (see the screen shots attached to this project for more insight)

Then the relevant image will need to be uploaded to that product. These images will be supplied to you

Then in the options tab, the relevant options will need to be put in (EG: if the bed comes in a single bed, small double bed, double bed, kingsize bed, super kingsize bed sizes then these will have to be stated in the options area with the prices put in.

If you have any problems or questions please message me back.

This project is more of a data entry project as a lot of the work is already done from you. You will be required to do simple maths to work out prices (ie. price + delivery + VAT + mark up = Total)

A lot of the text (adcopy) for the products descriptions is already written for you so all you need to do is copy and paste it in but obviously change the product name in the description.


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