Gather Webhosting Informatio 2

Gather Webhosting Informatio 2

I need someone to gather information about various webhosts and put them into a spreadsheet.

You will have to search various places to find the info that I need.
I need you to compile a list of 1,000 webhosts. Shared hosting and VPS hosting only. You only need to log the 2 least inexpensive hosting packages for each webhost.
You need to put the information below into the spreadsheet. To find out the email sending limits You may have to contact the web support for the answer.
If you cannot find me 1,000 webhost, tell me how many you can provide and bid accordingly.

You need to put the information below into the spreadsheet

Webhost Name
Webhost URL
Shared Hosting or VPS ?
Cost Per Month ?
Setup Fee ?
Email Limit each Hour ?
Email Limit per Day ?
Email Limit per Month ?

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