Delayed Javascript Redirect + Google Analytics Snippet

Freelancer Requirements:

1) Excellent English. I will be able to tell from your communications with me if it’s good enough; if your English sucks this project is not for you, sorry.

2) Timeliness and responsibility. Ability to produce quality results under short deadlines.

Project Requirements:

Produce a very simple .html file that does 2 things:

1) Trigger Google Analytics code to record visitor statistics
2) Implements a delayed (300-500ms) Javascript redirect. The purpose of the redirect is to ensure GA code has enough time to trigger its pixel beacon before visitor is redirected
3) Redirects non-Javascript visitors using <meta refresh> tag

I already have an attempted implementation but there’s some kind of a bug in it. The attempted implementation is attached.

You are expected to thoroughly test the final product before delivery.

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