Web Site And Logo

I’m looking to have a web site designed for a Security Business. The name of the Business is Overwatch Services, LLC. ( doing business as: Overwatch Services, Overwatch Security Services, Overwatch Investigative Services, Overwatch Security Consultants, Overwatch Executive Protection )Providing security for Computer Networks, Premises, and Individuals. The site must be scalable. As we grow and expand so will the web site. Initially, The web page should have general information about the company, I would like drop down tabs and a data base componient that allows me to accept data such as resumes and contact info.

I want to own the rights to the website and its contents.

Additionally, I need someone to design a logo to fit the theme or title of Overwatch Services. Again I want to own all rights to the logo, Copywright, etc.

I have already purchased or reserved domain names.

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