Flash Job 3

Easy flash job but I just wrote all details here so you can get started after you bid $50
To finish in about 2 days.

download the files from http://music.mcprogramming.net/Raido.zip

First make the page to html so it will fit in to http://music.mcprogramming.net/pages
i have included a pdf how it should look and also then psd and indd files its all in design.zip

next is the flash program
only the 3 buttons under now playing will be flash and the rest just html i will make it work

so here is what the flash will do
the page will pass a parameter “StationID” to the flash then the flash will connect to this web service http://music.mcprogramming.net/sRadioPackage.asmx
there is a sample in flash.zip how to do it

the flash program will request “GetTracksByPackageResult” and pass the StationID
and the service will Response with a list of tracks the flash needs to play each track will have the flowing info


now when user presses the play button it should start playing from the first track in a row till the last and then start again
each track has to start from the SongStart second and end by the SongEnd second the location of the track can be found in “Track” field

and every time the flash program gos to the next song it should call the UpdateStation_PlayTrakId from the service and pass the StationID and the TrackID

example StationID=1 first track will look like this

<AlbumName>Vimaleh Mshaloseinu</AlbumName>
<ArtistName>Yaakov Lemmer</ArtistName>
<TrackTitle>Av Harachamim</TrackTitle>
<Track>music/File_778 .mp3</Track>

I need fast service as the project is late so please say how long you need.

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