Fix A Cron Error

I run a middle sized auction site (about 20,000 members and a similar number of users) – It runs PHP and mysql on an Apache environment.

There is a cron that handles most site functions such as clearing ended Auctions, sending finished item emails etc. It is quite a large cron1 and this is what is causing the issue.

For several months the cron would run sporadically in between fails. About a month ago we got our hosting company to reboot the server and from that time the cron would not run at all.
Since then we have at the request of both our Hosting company and Nash (The developer) we migrated the site to a larger and much more powerful Server.

Now cron1 will run, but, halfway through the cron, the server overloads with both memory and cpu usage maxing out and shutting down the server.

Needless to say both hosting company and our developer blame each other, and neither has been able to fix this issue.
I require someone with expert skill in PHP, MySQL and Apache who can find and fix this issue.

I can supply additional information on request, including a copy of the cron.

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