Custom Calculator – Fibonacci

I’m looking for someone who can build a windows/mac application that does a new formula based on the Fibonacci numbers (or the golden ratio).

I built an excel spreadsheet that does some of the calculations so you can see it as an example.

Basically I need it to build a tree of calculations. I want it to be very visual and have nice looking icons and features to appeal to the user and to make it look like it is doing more calculations than it actually is.

There should be about 10 options which I need help designing. I already have the first few options but I need someone with experience to create a few other options I may not think of.

Some of the options I have so far are:
Initial value, Up calculation aggression, Down calculation aggression, number of branches, etc…

After it is finished, I will expect you to run a through quality assurance test. It should be a simple application so this shouldn’t take long. I will also do my own testing and I expect you to fix any bugs I find.

After the project is complete, I want the full source code. You can not use or resell the code for any other purpose.

Just a note: I am a programmer myself, so please write clean code with English variable/method names and follow some sort of convention.

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