Search By Postcode/zip

I have 2 sites that need the function to search and display all records within a certain distance of a postcode/zip code. The sites are php/MySql

I want this search function coding as follows

1 select postcode from drop menu
2 select distance from drop menu ( any distance, 5,10,20,30,40,50,100, 200, 300)
3 Search
4 display results with recordcount etc to go into existing site code

I would like the option of the first field to be an input field rather than a drop menu – so the the user keys in the postcode / Zip – Please quote this separately if it is a lot of extra work.

This is needed for 2 sites I’m working on for the UK market
I have 27000 UK postcodes all with nearest town, nearest city, County, Latitude and Longitude
I would be interested if you have options for the same for the USA or europe

There are many examples of this type of search eg

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