Facebook Fans 10 000 Real Act

I am looking for 10,000 Facebook fans for my fan page.

fan requirements:

1) they must be real people (no fake accounts)
2) must have 50+ friends and 4 photos
3) between ages 18 and 45.
4) should have regular or semi-regular status updates, i.e. not more than 2 weeks old.

I will pay 30 days after project delivery, only for those fans that remain active after 30 days. any fans that are suspended in that time period must be replaced, or will not be paid for. no black hat methods for inviting fans, i.e. facebook account must not be banned/suspended, or get any warnings for your actions. i will not pay if this happens. i’d also like to know your plan for converting people into fans.

Potential more work available if you can achieve this goal.

What is your estimated “delivery” time?

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