Quick Pay Pro Fixes

I have a copy of Quick Pay Pro v2.9.6.2

++ Application Description ++

Secure Real-time Credit Card Processing And Digital Product Delivery

+ Features +

* An ordering system that immediately allows you to plug in an unlimited number of products, process credit cards in real-time, and digitally ship e-books, software or info products in seconds.

* Undetectable digital product delivery using Cloak Technology so customers can download your product without ever knowing its location!

* Built-in unlimited autoresponders.

* Totally integrated tracking to manage all of your online marketing campaigns, calculate your hits-to-sales ratios, ad profitability, sales statistics and much more.

* Track all sales, and credit the appropriate affiliate with the correct commission, instantly send them an email to thank them for their referral, and store the customer information into an online management database for you to email to at will – all automatically!


There are two bugs that need fixing and a function that needs checking.

BUG 1. Email broadcasting function allegedly doesn’t work
BUG 2. Unsubscribe links in emails allegedly doesn’t work

Both of these need to be fixed.

FUNCTION CHECK: the membership function of the script (allowing other people to have their own accounts – PayPal handling payments) needs to be checked that it’s working.

Down the line more features and functions are planned to be added, so please bear this in mind when quoting.

NOTE: the script will only be given to the coder who I pick for the project and may not be sold, given, traded or passed on to anyone else.

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