WordPress Weather (Miscellaneous)

WordPress Weather allows the inclusion of a weather forecast in posts, the sidebar, and template files. The initial location for the forecast can be changed by the visitor. Default general and sidebar templates are provided, along with the ability for site owners to override using custom templates. The weather comes from the Google weather api.

Download WordPress Weather (Miscellaneous)

Simple Url Shortener using AJAX and jQuery (Miscellaneous)

This is a jQuery powered URL shortener, no page refreshes, VERY easy install process and features like “My links”.

A URL -shortener shortens long URL ’s to be shorter, just like http://bit.ly .
Please check the Live Demo to see how it works.

Im here to help, so just ask me.


  • Ajax and jQuery featured, no page refreshes
  • 2 boxes showing “Recently shorted links” and “Most clicked links”
  • Saving IP in database, therefore the user can easily browse their previosly shortened links
  • “Private link” function, the user can choose if their link should be private and not be showed in “Recently shorted links” and “Most clicked links”

Download Simple Url Shortener using AJAX and jQuery (Miscellaneous)

Ajax Data Grid With Multiple Color (Database Abstractions)

A data grid using ajax to load data, ability to sort each field, specify a field to search, pagination, and choose the number of record view per page.
All done in ajax, which means fast performance and less traffic!

Features include:

  • Powered by jQuery
  • Load data using ajax, save server resource
  • Sort record by each field
  • Can specify which database table field to search
  • Choose number of row per page
  • Customisable Pagination
  • Alternating row colors
  • Multiple color (silver,green,blue,red)
  • Clean PHP code and CSS
  • Very easy to integrate with your website
  • PSD file also included
  • And much more!

Update (2010-08-14) : The first option in search box is changed to “All”, user can search from all the column

Download Ajax Data Grid With Multiple Color (Database Abstractions)

Simply Advanced User System (Miscellaneous)

Demo credentials:
Username: demo
Password: demo

This PHP script offers you the ability to quickly and efficiently set up a fully functional user system on your website. It also allows you to easily expand its capabilities so that you can get the most out of this powerful script.

By default, your users will be able to become friends with other users, as well as message other users through the message page. Your users are also given a profile page that they may add information to if they so choose. Keep in mind that this website is just an example, and there are many more applications of this script that are possible.

Download Simply Advanced User System (Miscellaneous)

Tastydir – an AJAX file manager and dir listing (Loaders and Uploaders)

Tastydir is a cross-platform PHP file management system which allows you to not only replace your traditional FTP client but also allow your users to view directories in a much more aesthetically pleasing way.

The password to the live demo is “pass”!


  • view files in a directory (with easy breadcrumb navigation)
  • edit and rename files and folders
  • create files and folders
  • erase files and folders
  • copy files and folders
  • move files
  • download and upload files (downloader also sends MIME types, so you can view some files in-browser)
  • preview images in a lightbox
  • chmod files
  • secure authentication
  • installer script, so you don’t have to bother with editing PHP files
  • supports both Windows and Linux!
  • drive letter navigation on Windows
  • PSD files are provided for easy customization
  • 27 file icons encompass 78 file types
  • dynamically switch between a fluid and fixed layout

Current version: 1.2

Known limitations

  • in addition to the standard reserved characters, Tastydir doesn’t allow you to work with files with an amperstand (&) in their filenames. This is because of the way javascript works cross-browser.

Wishlist / to-do

  • multi-upload
  • auto-updater
  • nicer text editor?
  • symlinks?

Download Tastydir – an AJAX file manager and dir listing (Loaders and Uploaders)

Infinite Pages (Loaders and Uploaders)

Infinite Pages was designed for displaying large pieces of HTML data in more manageable chunks.

When the reader reaches the end of the page, the script loads more content.

It implements an ‘infinite scroll’ mechanism to load data, so the reader doesn’t have to load enourmous amounts
of text / images onto the page all at once. This ensures a more comfortable reading experience for the user.

Infinite Pages works by ‘paginating’ your data, and then feeding that data to the user ‘on demand’.
This technique is known as ‘lazy loading’, and is becoming more and more common on the internet.
An example of infinite scrolling is Google Images, where content is loaded as requested by the user.

The script also works with images. That is to say, if your data has an<IMG HTML tag inside it,
it will be loaded onto that page as requested.

Infinite Pages is easy to setup on your site, and is also very customizeable. The possibilities you can achieve with
this script are nearly ‘infinite’ in themselves.

Getting started

Try testing out the script for yourself at:


Download Infinite Pages (Loaders and Uploaders)

Friendly Manual Order Processing for WP E-Commerce (e-Commerce)

Friendly Manual Order Processing for WP E -Commerce provides an easy-to-use and flexible way for you or your client to process orders directly from the WordPress back end without having to go through the payment process necessary on the front end of the site.

This is particularly useful when the website is running alongside a bricks and mortar store and someone purchases an item in-store and the site owner wishes to keep a record of that sale on their website. Also useful if you take orders over the phone or via the postal system.

It literally takes 10 seconds to create a manual order and have it appear alongside your online sales – enter the name of the person and their e-mail address (or enter dummy data which you can use as a way to track which orders were manually created) and then select the product(s) and quantities. Done!

All sales appear in the purchase log (in the ‘sales’ tab in WP E -Commerce) alongside standard ‘web’ orders and you can interact with the orders as you would any other (i.e. change status, add tracking information, delete etc.).

You are also able to apply discounts to the order and also add a shipping amount is appropriate (useful if the order was placed over the phone, for example).

If you have a product marked as a ‘limited quantity’ then this plugin also handles the reduction in stock when you place a manual order – you also get informed of how many items of stock you have left before you place the order (informs you alongside the product name in the product selection dropdown selection box).

Designed to be used by novices and seasoned WP E -Commerce users alike.

This is a plugin for the WP E -Commerce Plugin which means you need to already have the WP E -Commerce plugin installed and running the way you want it to. (It’s free and incredibly easy to set up).

Download Friendly Manual Order Processing for WP E-Commerce (e-Commerce)

Simple Share (Social Networking)

Simple Social Network Sharing for WordPress

Simple Sharing is an easy to use social network sharing plugin that adds a “share” box to each of your individual posts, allowing your readers to easily share your post over many of the most popular social sharing networks.

But What’s Different from Others

Unlike many social network sharing plugins, Simple Share floats just to the left of your content and scrolls with the page as readers scroll, keeping it always in view.

Why does this matter?

Readers have a tendency to quit reading before they get to the bottom of the post, where most social network sharing links are. Simple Share is always in view, enticing readers to share your article from the first word on.


  • 8 integrated sharing protocols
  • Easy to use admin interface
  • Complete positioning control
  • Styling control
  • Ability to choose which protocols to display
  • jQuery enhanced fancy tool tips

Icons by Icon Dock

Download Simple Share (Social Networking)

Simple Star Rating (Miscellaneous)

The Simple Star Rating plugin for WordPress is a very simple-to-use star rating system that you can use anywhere in your blogs & pages by clicking on an additional button integrated in your content editor.

Choose the number of stars, the default value, the color and the size of your rating items within the WYSIWYG editor, through a dead easy slider-based popup. Then let your visitors rate your posts, movies, recipies and more…

In your site, every visitor will be allowed to vote only one time (IP controlled). The vote is AJAX handled: the page does not reload, but the user can see that his vote is saved.

At any time you can access the statistics of all the star rating you would have posted in your site.

Let’s start !

Download Simple Star Rating (Miscellaneous)

QuickValidate (Miscellaneous)

– Current version

– Introduction
QuickValidate v1.0 is a PHP class consisting of optimized validation functions which can be used for your data validation.
This class can be used for your form validation either on the server side or can be called from the client side via ajax calls, but the processing will happen only on server side.
The return type of the functions are boolean so you only have to check true or false and adjust the flow based on return value.

– Validation functions
Following are the different validation functions available with QuickValidate

1. alnum : Validates alphanumeric character.

2. alpha : Validates alphabetic characters.

3. amex : Validate American Express card number.

4. boundary : Validate number between min and max range

5. controlchar : Validate string has control character.

5. daterange : Validate given date is between a date range

6. diners : Validate Diners Club card number

7. discover : Validate Dicover card number

8. email : Validate basic Email addresses.

9. hex : Validate given string is Hex

10. ipv4 : Validate IPv4 address.

11. ipv6 : Validate IPv6 address.

12. jcb : Validate JCB card number

13. lower : Validate lower case alphabets

14. mastercard : Validate Master Card number

15. numeric : Validate Numeric characters

16. ssn : Validate Social Security Numbers.

17. timerange : Validate given time is between a time range on
current date

18. upper : Validate upper case characters.

19. url : Validate common url formats.

20. visa : Validate Visa card number

For Demo, please visit @ http://voidweb.com/demo/quickvalidate/demo.php

For any support, just ping me.

Download QuickValidate (Miscellaneous)

NoSpam – Custom email Validator for PHP (Forms)

Say “NO” a SPAM

This plug-in is filtering email address writed by user in form.

– Check that email is from top-level domain (270 top-level domain)
( no more mail like ”@gmail.xx” or ”@gmail.com1” – check all top-level domains)
-No more email from temporary mail providers ( block more that 90 providers like:”mailinator.com”, “trash2009.com”, “jetable.net” ….)
-Allow to block email from domain (example: you can block all mail from “gmail.com”)
-Easy to configure.

This class is :

-Useful for any PHP website
-Cross-browser compatible
-simple to use
-detailed documentation included
– PHP file included

code to implemented in your php file :
$myClass1 = new noSpam;
$myClass1 -> Checkmail(“[email protected]_check.com”);
if ($myClass1 -> Checkmail(“[email protected]_check.com”) != 1 )
echo $myClass1 -> spamMail;

Download NoSpam – Custom email Validator for PHP (Forms)

Custom -Webkit- Animations and Transitions (Animations and Effects)

Cutsom Webkit Animations

  • Full Video Can be Found here
  • 35 animation variations
  • Safari,Chrome,ipad,iphone
  • Seperate Demos for easy readability
  • *Chrome Does NOT support 3d animations(yet)
  • Jquery is ONLY used to activate animations

Version 1.1

  • Improved Performance on all Animations
  • minor bug fixes
  • Improved Effects on 3d Animations

Download Custom -Webkit- Animations and Transitions (Animations and Effects)

WordPress Community Links (Social Networking)

Looking for a way to add Digg-like features to your WordPress site?

WP Community Links is the best premium plugin on the market that lets you do just that, within minutes!

Seriously, watch how I turn a default WordPress installation into something similar to Digg within 5 minutes!

With WP Community Links, you can:

  • Activate and integrate social voting features into your existing WordPress installation within minutes.
  • Increase community interactions by allowing your visitors to contribute links, votes, and comments.
  • Moderate user submissions easily, all within your Admin panel
  • Customize everything on the front-end. WP Community Links provide you with a set of templates which you can easily modify to seamlessly blend into your existing theme.
  • Connect with Facebook. Users can log in and interact using their Facebook account.

Installing WP Community Links is easy and straight forward.

Essential Links

Why WP Community Links is the best social voting plugin for WordPress

Flexible plugin architecture

Most of the available social voting extensions are themes. Extending WordPress functionality using themes is a clumsy way to implement social voting features. What if your site already has a nice design? You would have to customize the social voting theme instead to replicate your existing design elements.

WP Community Links is a plugin, which means it works independently from your theme. You don’t have to worry about starting from scratch.

Customizable templates and API

WP Community Links comes bundled with many template files so that you could modify the way the plugin pages look. It’s no different from working with WordPress theme templates. There are also dozens of helper functions, action and filter hooks so that advanced developers could extend and customize almost every element and detail of a page.

Utilizing cutting-edge features of WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 introduces many new features that make your administration life so much easier (Navigation Menu, Custom Taxonomy etc.). WP Community Links takes advantage of these features to provide a consistent and user-friendly interface.

Adding new categories, tags, and items to the navigation menu is easy and painless.

Customizable user area

Unlike other social voting themes and plugins, WP Community Links does not allow users to use WordPress wp-admin area to post. This reduces security risk, and also let you customize the dashboard and submission form on the front-end.

Integrated Akismet spam filtering and reCAPTCHA

WP Community Links uses Akismet API to identify spam contents. You can also enable reCAPTCHA, which further ensures that your social voting platform is not abused by malicious users. All the constraints are configurable in the admin panel (e.g. maximum number of submissions per hours, maximum number of login attempts etc.)

Facebook integration

WP Community Links lets your visitors log in using their Facebook account. This eliminates the registration barrier and encourages your visitor to contribute more. When your users submit their content to your website, it will be displayed on their Facebook news feed (if they give the plugin permission to do so), thereby increase your site’s exposure.

Enthusiastic support

WP Community Links is an awesome plugin, and it has awesome support as well. You are provided with very detailed documentation, video tutorials and a support ticket system.

As you’ve already experienced by now, receiving support on CodeCanyon is not quite a smooth process. As a result, I use an external ticket system to handle support. I won’t even bother to ask whether you properly paid for my plugin before processing your support tickets on Codaset, because after all, improving the plugin is what matters.

Of course, you’re still welcome to post your questions and problems on CodeCanyon discussion board. It’s just a bit more difficult for me to keep track and prioritize issues on the discussion board.

WP Community Links customization service

If you want to customize WP Community Links on your existing website, but don’t have access to a developer who could help you do that, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will give you a price quote for my customization service. Hiring me to customize your installation means faster delivery, more stability and excellent support. If you use my customization service, you’ll automatically have free access to my future awesome WordPress premium plugins as well!

Download WordPress Community Links (Social Networking)