PicManage v1.0 – Ajax Picture Manager (Images and Media)

PicManage v1.0 is a Ajax based Picture Manager, that allows users to upload multiple images to a web server, resize, create thumbnails and manage uploaded images.
PicManage is very easy to install and use. No database is needed.


– Ajax powered
– Very easy to install and to incorporated in your site or application
– Easy to configure, even for people without programming skills
– jQuery enabled UI
– Upload multiple images
– Resize multiple images to given dimensions
– Create thumbnails with given dimensions
– Delete and rename images
– Offers direct links to uploaded images and created thumbnails
– Lightbox image preview
– Details about uploaded images (image type, dimensions, file size, upload date)
– Different validations on both client and server side ( allowed extension, filesize limit, check if the image name already exists, valid image names)
– Change the number of images displayed per page in the images explorer
– Image formats supported: jpg/jpeg, gif, png (with transparency)


Username: admin
Password: admin

The server where the demo is on, is a free one so sometimes the app needs a couple of seconds to load, but please be patient. And the upload limit is about 700kb i think.

System requirements:

PHP 5 +
PHP settings: allowed file uploads
PHP extensions: PHP GD library

Download PicManage v1.0 – Ajax Picture Manager (Images and Media)

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