Form Processor (Forms)

With form processor you can convert a static form into a working form in less than 5 minutes. For the moment it has 2 buildin handlers to send the form content with mail or to save the content in a CSV file. But with a bit of PHP knowledge you can easely write your own handlers.

Look at the example video and see how easy it is to use and implement.


  • Convert static forms to a working one
  • Form validation (email, url, required, phone, number, date)
  • No coding knowledge needed to make your contact form work
  • Form structure doesn’t matter


Place the following before your form element:

<?php include("../FormProcessor.php");
$Form = new FormProcessor();
$Form?>setHandler( "form_email_process", array("to" => "youremailaddresss", "emailfield" => "Email"));
<div id="frmsuccess">Thanks for sending us an email!</div>

The frmsuccess element will only be displayed when the form is valid and submitted. And place the following after the form close element:


Add email, url, required, … classes to the form fields depending on what type of field it is. For example if an email input field is required you add the required and the email class to that input field:

<input name="Email" class="email required" type="text" id="Email" />

And now you have form that works.

Download Form Processor (Forms)

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