Windows Phone 7 In Action

Windows Phone 7 In Action


Earlier this week at the World Mobile Conference Microsoft announced the Windows Phone 7. Microsoft, the once high and mighty in the smartphone market looks like it’s getting serious about taking back their smartphone crown.

I have never been a Microsoft fan but I must admit I was a heavy user of the Windows Mobile environment a few years back and I quite enjoyed it. Development and improvements in their mobile os quickly fell to the way side and they were quickly overshadowed by the like of RIM and Apple.

The OS looks clean and simple, following the Zune’s UI but it is already suffering from some bad play like the fact that there will be no backwards compatibility with older WinMo software, no multi-tasking and no Flash (could this finally be the death of flash?), and a super late roll out date (Q4 of 2010).

Check out the video after the break of the new shiny OS.

[link to Windows Phone 7]

tech.nocr.atWindows Phone 7 In Action originally appeared on on 2010/02/20.

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