Create a RJ-45 Cable Tester

DIY RJ-45 Cable Tester


Cable testers can be super expensive, but if your trying to trouble shoot a cable drop or run then you know how valuable one can be.

Our favorite kids over at Instructables have a great how to on building your own on the super cheap. A quick trip to your local big box home improvement store and your favorite electronics store (hell even radio shack should it all) and a few bucks is all you will need to build this.


Besides your basic DIY hacking tools you will also need the following …

  • 8 LED’s
  • 20cm of Cat5 Cable
  • 9V Battery Clip and Battery
  • Wall Mount Box
  • 2 RJ-45 Female Jacks
  • 220ohm Resistor
  • Female RJ-45 Mount Plate

Once you have all your components assembled head on over to Instructables and make your way through all the sets.

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