mPower Illuminator: A $250 Flashlight

mPower Illuminator: A $250 Flashlight

mPower Illuminator

You might be wondering why you would spend $250 on a flashlight, especially since you can pick up a cheap one at a dollar store for, well, a dollar. There are two reasons you would do so. One would be because you are filthy rich and really don’t care how much you spend and Two, hmmmm, well you decide for yourself.

  • The mPower Emergency Illuminator was designed by the Porsche Design Studio (so far not worth the $250).
  • It comes with what the company calls “groundbreaking battery technology”. The unit has dual battery barrel’s. One barrel holds you run-of-the-mill batteries and the other holds the “mPower Reserve Battery” that has a minimum shelf life of 20 years from activation. The user chooses when and where to active it. (still can’t see why I would pay $250)
  • A built in USB port for charging other gadgets (Maybe. Actually, nope. Still not worth it)

So as you can see, you’ll have to be filthy rich to justify this purchase, or just an idiot.


tech.nocr.atmPower Illuminator: A $250 Flashlight originally appeared on on 2009/11/12.

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