DIY: Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

DIY: Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

How could a week go by without us talking about some sort of Star Trek reference or gadget? Now if you really want to be singled out as a dork show your love for Star Trek why not build yourself this bluetooth Star Trek communicator? I’m not talking about those wussy TNG communicators, I’m talking about the old school plastic molded with mesh screen original series communicators. (Check out the video after the break).

Makezine has a great detailed write up on build your very own super geeky handset.

I thought it would be fun to have a Star Trek: The Original Series Bluetooth communicator for a cellphone. I worked with Dave Clausen to hack one together from a toy Star Trek communicator, a Bluetooth module, and a microcontroller.

If you pair this us with a phone that does voice dialing then you could easily walk around town with you phone nowhere to be seen. Imagine all of the beatings looks you will get as you walk down the street talking into this iconic device.

[Link to Make a Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator]

tech.nocr.atDIY: Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator originally appeared on on 2009/11/07.

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