xoom.com is no more supporting paypal from march 24 2010

xoom.com is no more supporting paypal from march 24 2010

Recently Xoom.com has announced ,

After March 24, Xoom Will Not Accept PayPal As a Payment Method

After Wednesday, March 24, 2010, Xoom will not accept PayPal as a payment method for money transfers. Any PayPal-funded transactions that have been placed before that time will be processed as usual.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this change in our service may cause our customers.

Customers will still be able to pay for Xoom money transfers after March 24 by using either a United States bank account, a debit card or a credit card. Using a United States bank account is an easy, secure and low cost way to send money with Xoom.


If you have any questions or comments regarding this change, you can send us an email through our Help Center or call our Customer Service team at 877-815-1531 (within the U.S.) or 415-395-4225 (outside the U.S.). Our call center is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Also they said

Why Xoom Ended The Use of PayPal as a Payment for Money Transfers

Since we made our announcement yesterday regarding our decision to discontinue the use of PayPal as a payment source, we’ve had lots of questions.

We understand that many of you prefer to pay for your money transfers using PayPal and have had excellent experiences. We are very sorry our decision will inconvenience you. However, we believe this is the best overall decision for us to make on behalf of all our customers. We’d like to take this opportunity to answer many of your questions.

The Xoom Core Business: Money Remittances for Friends and Family

At Xoom, our core business is money transfer for friends and family remittances. PayPal funded transactions are mostly for commercial payments which is not the core Xoom business. Since commercial payments are not our focus, we cannot effectively vet the merchants asking for payments through Xoom.

Why Did Xoom Do This?

First, our customers had too many bad experiences with unprofessional or, in some cases, fraudulent merchants. We’ve decided to stop supporting PayPal to protect the interests of these customers.

Second, if you want to buy commercial goods or services with PayPal, it is probably best to use a service that is directly supported by PayPal as PayPal is very effective at controlling merchant quality.

Third, PayPal funded transactions represent a small percentage of our overall business. Removing support for PayPal will help us focus on our core business even more than before. We expect this decision will keep us very focused on constantly improving the family remittance service.

Lastly, in order to take advantage of new PayPal processing features, Xoom would be required to integrate to a new PayPal platform. Given the size of our PayPal business and given that commercial business is not our focus; we have decided not to spend resources on a new integration as it would compromise our focus on the family remittance business.

Using Other Payment Sources for Your Xoom Money Transfer

Please remember, if you are sending money to friends or family with PayPal through Xoom, you can continue to use Xoom by linking your Xoom account to your United States bank account, or a credit or debit card.

Paypal Already started asking PAN-card Details from the account Holders.

So i think time is going to be tough.