Payoneer Alternatives

 Powered by Max Banner Ads Payoneer has been extremely successful with its service offering thousands of people around the world a convenient way to get paid and spend money. However, Payoneer isn’t perfect and it’s success aroused keen interest from other companies. In addition to a pure business interest, flaws from Payoneer itself maid things a […]

How to receive money through Payoneer

There are many different ways you can load money into your Payoneer account/card. In this article, we will be explaining the process of receiving money from a Payoneer partner (the one you work for/with).
The process is quite simple and flawless. First, you receive and email into your mailbox informing you that you have received money […]

Know Payoneer partners

Because getting a payoneer card requires going through a Payoneer Partner, we have listed below some of the ones we have been able to identify. If you know of any other ones, please do let us know by commenting on this page so we can complete the list.



Payment processing





Adult Friend Finder
Hustler Cash



Payoneer Virtual US Bank Account, what is it ?

Many people around the globe have been trying to apply for a US Bank
Account but were denied by the extremely restrictive conditions they
have been required to fulfill before they could get one.

After the September 11th 2001 attacks, the US government issued what
is known as the “USA Patriot act” that was meant to avoid any future
attacks of the same kind. One of the measures that are included in that
document is that non US residents cannot hold a US Bank Account as they
did before.

Today, getting a US Bank Account the regular way when you are not a
US citizen is still impossible or to be more accurate, difficult and
very costly. However, there are alternative solutions such as the one
offered by Payoneer.

Payoneer has introduced months ago a new and innovative service
called US Virtual Bank Account. As you can see, this is
NOT a real US Bank Account, it is just a virtual one! In practice,
things work this way: Payoneer gets a mega Bank Account with a partner
US bank under which sub accounts are created for each Payoneer customer
in order to provide them with unique account numbers they can use to get
payments. Payments can be sent to the sub account, using the account
number that was previously provided, then Payoneer transfers the money
they receive to the personal Payoneer Debit Card of the customer that
received the payment in order for him to be able to spend it!

In the end, you don’t really get a US Bank Account, but you have all
the infos (numbers) that are needed to get paid by a customer or a
partner who cannot use Paypal or other payment systems.

As you can see, this new service offered by Payoneer is very useful
and quite smart! Anyone is now able to enjoy the benefits of a US Bank
Account without the hassle.

How to get a virtual US Bank Account

Getting a Virtual US Bank Account from
Payoneer has been a subject of debate for long months on many forums
around the web. As a matter of fact, this new service was first launched
as a Beta program so you had to send an email to the Payoneer team and
hope for them to accept you as a Beta tester.

Today, things have changed a little and Payoneer itself is inviting
people to join in. I think they are trying to grow their user base as a
preparation for a public launch.

I myself have recently received the following email from them:

Dear Payoneer Cardholder,

We have been inviting a limited number of valued Payoneer cardholders
to participate in a new pilot service – the Payoneer Virtual US

Participating will allow you to receive ACH payments (such as direct
deposit and electronic transfer) from US corporations direct to a
Virtual US Account. For example, you are able to receive funds from
PayPal. Once received in your account, your funds are loaded to your
Payoneer card.  Money cannot be withdrawn from the Virtual US Account
itself – only using your card.  Payments are subject to the terms &
conditions set by the US organizations that pay you.

To date, the feedback on this new service has been very positive.
The fee for a Payoneer Virtual US Account is $20 annually and 1% of

If you would like to sign up, please reply to this email with answers
to the following questions:
1. What services or products do you offer?
2. From whom do you expect to receive payments?
3. What is your company’s website?
4. Please provide any other information about your company or services.

If you have already started using the Payoneer Virtual US Account we
would love to hear your feedback about the service. Please post your
feedback on the Payoneer Community Forum

Thank you for your time

The first thing you have to note is that I am a “Valued Payoneer
cardholder”!!! More seriously, this means you need to already be a
Payoneer customer if you want to be invited, and not any customer!

Second thing, places are limited, this is probably why you have to
show some interest and motivation by answering some of their questions.

However, the most important information is not explicitly stated in
the email as you need to have some historical data to uncover it.
Payoneer have actually made their service way cheaper than it was as it
is now only $20 a year compared to no less than $99 before!!

Now, what can you do to get your Virtual US Bank Account if you are a
Payoneer customer and you did not receive the above email? I think the
only thing you can do is send them an email with your answers to the
above mentioned questions and hope for them to be convinced.

Don’t hesitate to share your experience by commenting on Blancer!

Payoneer fees

Like any payment solution, Payoneer is fee based. We strongly advice anyone interested in that product to take a close look at the costs that are involved before making a final decision.
Here is a list of the fees you will be charged depending on usage of the card and some events:
1. The card

Card activation*:

Within US: […] is no more supporting paypal from march 24 2010 is no more supporting paypal from march 24 2010

Recently has announced ,

After March 24, Xoom Will Not Accept PayPal As a Payment Method

After Wednesday, March 24, 2010, Xoom will not accept PayPal as a payment method for money transfers. Any PayPal-funded transactions that have been placed before that time will be processed as usual.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this change in our service may cause our customers.

Customers will still be able to pay for Xoom money transfers after March 24 by using either a United States bank account, a debit card or a credit card. Using a United States bank account is an easy, secure and low cost way to send money with Xoom.


If you have any questions or comments regarding this change, you can send us an email through our Help Center or call our Customer Service team at 877-815-1531 (within the U.S.) or 415-395-4225 (outside the U.S.). Our call center is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Also they said

Why Xoom Ended The Use of PayPal as a Payment for Money Transfers

Since we made our announcement yesterday regarding our decision to discontinue the use of PayPal as a payment source, we’ve had lots of questions.

We understand that many of you prefer to pay for your money transfers using PayPal and have had excellent experiences. We are very sorry our decision will inconvenience you. However, we believe this is the best overall decision for us to make on behalf of all our customers. We’d like to take this opportunity to answer many of your questions.

The Xoom Core Business: Money Remittances for Friends and Family

At Xoom, our core business is money transfer for friends and family remittances. PayPal funded transactions are mostly for commercial payments which is not the core Xoom business. Since commercial payments are not our focus, we cannot effectively vet the merchants asking for payments through Xoom.

Why Did Xoom Do This?

First, our customers had too many bad experiences with unprofessional or, in some cases, fraudulent merchants. We’ve decided to stop supporting PayPal to protect the interests of these customers.

Second, if you want to buy commercial goods or services with PayPal, it is probably best to use a service that is directly supported by PayPal as PayPal is very effective at controlling merchant quality.

Third, PayPal funded transactions represent a small percentage of our overall business. Removing support for PayPal will help us focus on our core business even more than before. We expect this decision will keep us very focused on constantly improving the family remittance service.

Lastly, in order to take advantage of new PayPal processing features, Xoom would be required to integrate to a new PayPal platform. Given the size of our PayPal business and given that commercial business is not our focus; we have decided not to spend resources on a new integration as it would compromise our focus on the family remittance business.

Using Other Payment Sources for Your Xoom Money Transfer

Please remember, if you are sending money to friends or family with PayPal through Xoom, you can continue to use Xoom by linking your Xoom account to your United States bank account, or a credit or debit card.

Paypal Already started asking PAN-card Details from the account Holders.

So i think time is going to be tough.

Payoneer Secrets revealed ,ATM withdrawal in india

Due to Paypal issue with India many people switched to Payoneer.

You must have many queries with Payoneer, i would like some of them to be quenched.
Learn How to Load Money to Payoneer— How to get Paid on Payoneer –How to Receive Fund from Payoneer

Due to Paypal issue with India many people switched to Payoneer.

You must have many queries with Payoneer, i would like some of them to be quenched.

Learn How to Load Money to Payoneer— How to get  Paid on Payoneer –How to Receive Fund from Payoneer

What is Payoneer : Payoneer is a Debit Card from Master Card to receive funds.Lets see how to fund your Payoneer Card from others Card/How to Pay to a Seller’s to his Payoneer/How to Receive fund from a Buyer to your Payoneer.

Step 1: logon to

See a Section “For Card Loaders”
Click On the “LOAD MONEY” button
See the Picture below:

or direct link here

Step 2: Here you can load to the payoneer by Card Number(receiver’s payoneer card number) or by Card holders Email address(Receiver’s email address used in Payoneer). “Make it a recurrent Payment” is optional.

and Click “CONTINUE”

See pic for Pay by email address:

See Pic for Pay by Card number:

Step 3:In this section Payer have two option again.He can Pay from his Card or Direct Deposit from bank.
this method have some limitations.You have to pay/load 20/50/100/200 in this number.

Give your details in this section.and see you can decide from where to cut the loading free.
1.From Payoneer Card or
2.From My Payment Method

Select one option and Click CONTINUE button.


ATM Withdrawal of Payoneer in india

is pretty simple but expensive.


ATM withdrawal transaction fees of payoneer is

Loading option First load All others Applied within
Transfer from a checking or savings account $ 5.00 $ 2.00 4-7 business days
Visa 3.5% of loaded amount 3.5% of loaded amount up to 2 business days
MasterCard 3.5% of loaded amount 3.5% of loaded amount up to 2 business days

SO every transaction is going to cost you.(use payoneer alternative here)

Best way is to Withdraw is using axis bank allows 25k INR in a transaction and 45 K a day.

Finally Paypal is allowing indian users to withdraw funds to their local bank

After a month full of Doom, all the indian developers should be happy now !!

Paypal Shocked us , stating that indians will not be able to withdraw their money.

Thousands of Customer support mails ,and call must have made them aware , how painful was it .

Meanwhile some avatar came ,People Tried.

and as bad as WU.

But finally its Over, paypal is back to business .

You can withdraw your money safely with the same procedure just select , the purpose while doing a withdraw request and you are done.

🙂 Not accepting Paypal Payments from India March 2010

Due to paypal denial of india funds transfers ;recently also denied to withdraw paypal funds to indian bank .

Due to paypal denial of india funds transfers ;recently also denied to withdraw paypal funds to indian bank .

I recently called up their support and mail them about this issue.

This is what i got in reply.

Response (Shiva Prasad) – 03/09/2010 03:14 PM
Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Xoom Customer Service.

Please be informed that currently we are not allowing intra India transactions through Pay pal due to current regulatory restrictions. We would request you to get back to us after 15 days to know more details about Pay pal transactions.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

So we need to wait more to use services of xoom in india for paypal.

Meanwhile on March 3 Paypal Resumed the Bank withdraws to indian banks, just mention the purpose for which you get this money.

I have made a withdraw request , paypal is giving 44.06 rs for a $.
I will update the blog about the situation soon.