Getting a Virtual US Bank Account from
Payoneer has been a subject of debate for long months on many forums
around the web. As a matter of fact, this new service was first launched
as a Beta program so you had to send an email to the Payoneer team and
hope for them to accept you as a Beta tester.

Today, things have changed a little and Payoneer itself is inviting
people to join in. I think they are trying to grow their user base as a
preparation for a public launch.

I myself have recently received the following email from them:

Dear Payoneer Cardholder,

We have been inviting a limited number of valued Payoneer cardholders
to participate in a new pilot service – the Payoneer Virtual US

Participating will allow you to receive ACH payments (such as direct
deposit and electronic transfer) from US corporations direct to a
Virtual US Account. For example, you are able to receive funds from
PayPal. Once received in your account, your funds are loaded to your
Payoneer card.  Money cannot be withdrawn from the Virtual US Account
itself – only using your card.  Payments are subject to the terms &
conditions set by the US organizations that pay you.

To date, the feedback on this new service has been very positive.
The fee for a Payoneer Virtual US Account is $20 annually and 1% of

If you would like to sign up, please reply to this email with answers
to the following questions:
1. What services or products do you offer?
2. From whom do you expect to receive payments?
3. What is your company’s website?
4. Please provide any other information about your company or services.

If you have already started using the Payoneer Virtual US Account we
would love to hear your feedback about the service. Please post your
feedback on the Payoneer Community Forum

Thank you for your time

The first thing you have to note is that I am a “Valued Payoneer
cardholder”!!! More seriously, this means you need to already be a
Payoneer customer if you want to be invited, and not any customer!

Second thing, places are limited, this is probably why you have to
show some interest and motivation by answering some of their questions.

However, the most important information is not explicitly stated in
the email as you need to have some historical data to uncover it.
Payoneer have actually made their service way cheaper than it was as it
is now only $20 a year compared to no less than $99 before!!

Now, what can you do to get your Virtual US Bank Account if you are a
Payoneer customer and you did not receive the above email? I think the
only thing you can do is send them an email with your answers to the
above mentioned questions and hope for them to be convinced.

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