Digital Product Creators

Digital Product Creators
10 Steps to Creating Your Own Digital Products Fast! How to Create Your Own Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights Products!
Digital Product Creators

50% Commission, Multiple High Dollar Products!
Software, eBooks, & Information Products on a variety of technology topics. We have sold more than 600 products so far. Our copy has been written to convert! We are always working to enhance our conversion rate and appeal to customers.
50% Commission, Multiple High Dollar Products!

Computer And Internet Basics For Digital Photographers

Computer And Internet Basics For Digital Photographers
The Only Digital Photography Resource You Will Ever Need To Get The Most Out Of Your Camera, Your Computer And The Internet.
Computer And Internet Basics For Digital Photographers

Computer – Internet – Social Website Monitoring Software
Easy to use step by step computer monitoring, internet recording, keylogging software that stores evidence of all activity on your computer or laptop, capturing every keystroke, programs accessed, sites visited, pics and messages posted, and screenshots.
Computer – Internet – Social Website Monitoring Software

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Toy Story 3 (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

Toy Story 3 (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)


The creative minds behind Disney Pixar’s groundbreaking animated blockbusters invites you back inside the Toys’ delightful world for a heartwarming and hilarious Hi-Definition movie experience you’ll never forget. All the original voice talent returns (including Tom Hanks and Tim Allen) plus new talent including Michael Keaton as Ken and Ned Beatty as Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear. It’s the biggest, best, most exciting Toy Story of them all, raves Access Hollywood.

As Andy gets ready to leave for college, Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of the gang wonder if this is the end of the line. But, when a mix up lands them in the Sunnyside Day Care Center where they meet 14 new toys, they soon discover that a wild new adventure is just beginning! Take an amazing journey with some of the most beloved characters in movie history and discover what being a friend is truly all about.
It’s everything a movie should be: hilarious, touching, exciting and clever, says USA Today. Buzzing with hours of exclusive bonus features, including an interactive trivia game and the Pixar short film Day and Night, Toy Story 3 goes to infinity and beyond on Blu-ray Hi-Def!

Meet the Characters

Woody is a cowboy sheriff with a pull-string that, when pulled proclaims Woody’s signature catchphrases from the 1950s TV show “Woody’s Roundup.” He’s always been Andy’s favorite toy. Even though his owner is now grown, the loyal sheriff Woody maintains a steadfast belief that Andy still cares about his toys. As the toys venture into their unknown future, Woody remains the voice of reason. As their dependable leader, he ensures that no toy gets left behind.
Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear is a heroic space ranger action figure, complete with laser beam, karate-chop action and pop-out wings. Buzz is a boy’s dream toy who becomes a quick favorite of young Andy, and the closest of buddies with Woody. While Buzz’s sole mission used to be defeating the evil Emperor Zurg, what he now cares about most is keeping his toy family together. Buzz’s new mission is sidetracked along the way, however, when his journey brings out surprising aspects of his personality even he didn’t know existed.
Jessie is an exuberant, rough-and-tumble cowgirl doll who’s always up for a daring adventure to help critters in need. With Andy’s imminent departure hanging over the toys, Jessie is afraid of being abandoned by her owner once again. She takes charge, insisting that the toys take control of their own destinies. But is it a decision they’ll later regret!
Rex may look like the most fearsome dinosaur in the toy box, but this tyrannosaurus is one of the most lovable toys of the bunch. Despite his endless worrying and insecurities about his small roar, Rex always comes through for his pals.
A pink piggybank with a penchant for one-liners. He’s still a know-it-all, or at least that’s what he’d like everyone to believe.
Mr. Potato Head
Mr. Potato Head is a wisecracking, hot-headed spud, complete with angry eyes. He’s the eternal pessimist with a tough plastic exterior, but his total devotion to his little “sweet potato,” Mrs. Potato Head, reveals a softer side..
Mrs. Potato Head
Mrs. Potato Head is Mr. Potato Head’s biggest fan. She adores her brave spud and is always willing to lend him a hand. Or an eye. While Mr. Potato Head’s “sweet potato” lives up to her pet name, she also shares her husband’s hair-trigger temper.
Bullseye is Woody’s trusty toy steed from the “Woody’s Roundup” gang. Bullseye can ride like the wind and leap across giant canyons in a single bound, especially when Woody is in the saddle.
Big Baby
Your little one with love this lifelike baby doll with his soft, cuddly fabric body and vinyl arms, legs, and face. With dazzling blue eyes that open and close, this realistic baby encourages nurturing play. Eighteen inches tall, he comes dressed in an adorable yellow onesie with matching bonnet, and has his own magical bottle of milk that disappears while he drinks! A perfect first doll for your special child. Machine washable on gentle cycle. Flame Retardant.
Chatter Telephone
Ring-ring! The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is a classic pull toy that has been inspiring giggles for many generations, while building motor skills and balance. Preschoolers can’t resist the friendly face with eyes that move up and down when they pull the toy along, and the bright colors and pleasing sounds keep them happy and engaged. Chatter Telephone is ideal for the little hands in your life.
Mr. Pricklepants
Frolic your afternoons away on woodland adventures with Mr. Pricklepants! This charming lederhosen-wearing hedgehog is from the Waldfreunde collection of premium imported plush toys. He may look prickly, but the plump and fuzzy Mr. Pricklepants is made strictly for cuddling! Hand wash and air dry. Restore fluffiness with fingers. Made in Germany.
Dolly is a soft and sweet dress-up rag doll, and is the perfect gift for any young child! Her floppy body and sunny smile will make her an irresistible new member of your family. Dolly has purple hair, googly eyes and gently blushing cheeks. She comes with a pretty blue dress, but templates are included to create and sew your own outfits. Machine washable on gentle cycle.
Stretch is a fun-loving under-the-sea octopus friend that shines in glittery purple. Kids can count her eight rubbery legs and dozens of sticky suckers that are sure to stand up to rough-and-tumble play and extreme stretching. Toss her high on the wall and watch her climb her way down! Clean in mild soap solution to remove dust and lint.
Meet Twitch, the insectaloid warrior, where MAN + INSECT = AWESOME! This sturdy action figure stands over five inches tall, with more than 15 points of articulation, including ferocious chomping mandibles. Use his powerful wings and impenetrable exoskeleton to evade capture! Twitch is meticulously detailed and includes his signature magical battle staff and removable chest armor. For children ages 4 and up. Other insectaloid figures sold separately.
Trixie is a perfect playmate for prehistoric playtime! Visit the era when dinosaurs ruled the Earth! Made of rigid, durable plastic and in friendly shades of blue and purple. Trixie features an expressive mouth and movable legs. This gentle Triceratops will feed any child’s imagination. Also available: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and Velociraptor.
Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear
Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear is a jumbo, extra-soft teddy bear with a pink and white plush body and a velvety purple nose. This lovable bear stands fuzzy heads and shoulders above other teddy bears because he smells like sweet strawberries! With a smile that will light up your child’s face and a belly just asking to be hugged. Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear is sure to become a bedtime necessity. Stain-resistant. Spot clean plush surface with a damp cloth.
Grab your binoculars and join Ken on a safari! A swinging bachelor who’s always on the lookout for fun, Ken sports the perfect outfit for his eco-adventure: light blue shorts and a leopard-print shirt with short sleeves sure to keep him cool in the hot sun. And after his exciting expedition, Ken will be ready to hit the dance floor in style. His accessories include matching scarf, sensible loafers, and a fashion-forward gold belt. Dozens of additional Ken outfits sold separately.

Meet the voices behind your favorite characters:

Tom Hanks    Tim Allen    Joan Cusack

(From left to right) Tom Hanks as Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz, and Joan Cusack as Jesse

Ned Beatty    Don Rickles    Michael Keaton

(From left to right) Ned Beatty as Lots-O’, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, and Michael Keaton as Ken

What made the original Toy Story so great, besides its significant achievement as the first-ever feature-length computer animated film, was its ability to instantly transport viewers into a magical world where it seemed completely plausible that toys were living, thinking beings who sprang to life the minute they were alone and wanted nothing more than to be loved and played with by their children. Toy Story 3 absolutely succeeds in the very same thing–adults and children alike, whether they’ve seen the original film or not, find themselves immediately immersed in a world in which Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), Jessie (Joan Cusack), Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head (Don Rickles and Estelle Harris), Ham (John Ratzenberger), Rex (Wallace Shawn), the aliens, and the rest of Andy’s toys remain completely devoted to Andy (John Morris) even as he’s getting ready to pack up and leave for college. Woody scoffs at the other toys’ worries that they’ll end up in the garbage, assuring them that they’ve earned a spot of honor in the attic, but when the toys are mistakenly donated to Sunnyside Daycare, Woody is the only toy whose devotion to Andy outweighs the promise of getting played with each and every day. Woody sets off toward home alone while the other toys settle in for some daycare fun, but things don’t turn out quite as expected at the daycare thanks to the scheming, strawberry-scented old-timer bear Lots-o’-Huggin’ (Ned Beatty). Eventually, Woody rejoins his friends and they all attempt a daring escape from the daycare, which could destroy them all. The pacing of the film is impeccable at this point, although the sense of peril may prove almost too intense for a few young viewers. Pixar’s 3-D computer animation is top-notch as always and the voice talent in this film is tremendous, but in the end, it’s Pixar’s uncanny ability to combine drama, action, and humor in a way that irresistibly draws viewers into the world of the film that makes Toy Story 3 such great family entertainment. (Ages 7 and older) –Tami Horiuchi

List Price: $ 45.99

Price: $ 17.49

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Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

  • Focal Length & Maximum Aperture: 55-250mm F/4-5.6
  • 12 Elements In 10 Groups, Including One UD-glass Element
  • Focus Adjustment: DC Motor, Gear-driven(front Focusing Design)
  • Closest Focusing Distance: 3.6 Ft./1.1m

This telephoto zoom lens is designed with Canon’s Optical Image Stabilizer technology while retaining compactness and lightness, in response to demands of photographers. This high zoom ratio lens is equivalent to a focal length of 88-400mm in the 35mm format (when used on Canon EOS cameras compatible with EF-S lenses), and the image stabilizer effect equivalent to a shutter speed about 4 stops faster than the same size lens without Image Stabilizer. In other words, if the slowest shutter speed y

List Price: $ 299.99

Price: Too low to display

Canon PowerShot SD1400IS 14.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Black)

  • 14.1-megapixel resolution; 2.7-inch PureColor System LCD
  • 28mm wide-angle lens; 4x optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer
  • 720p HD movie shooting capability plus HDMI output
  • Smart AUTO intelligently selects from 22 predefined settings
  • New scene modes such as Miniature Effect and Fisheye Effect; Low Light mode for dimly-lit situations.

Canon commitment to innovation defines the excitement of the PowerShot SD1400 IS Digital ELPH.14.1 megapixel resolution is more than a number its your cutting edge link to the outstanding clarity and quality youve always wanted in your images.Think bold and big because razor sharp oversized prints are a breeze. Get the picture Its absolutely brilliant

List Price: $ 229.00

Price: $ 179.00

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Casio Men’s G7900A-4 G-Shock Rescue Red Digital Sport Watch

Casio Men’s G7900A-4 G-Shock Rescue Red Digital Sport Watch

  • Shock resistant, moon and tide graphs, low temp LCD
  • Auto EL backlight, flash alert, world time, daily alarm
  • Chronograph, 12 and 24 hr formats
  • Water resistant up to 660 feet (200 M)

Engineered for your most rugged activities, this G-Shock is prepared to go everywhere you go. Red resin strap and round case. Shock-resistant digital dial features auto EL backlight with afterglow, flash alert, tide graph, moon data, world time, city code display, four multi-function alarms, hourly time signal, countdown timer, stopwatch, auto calendar and 12/24 hour formats. Digital movement. Water resistant to 200 meters. One-year limited warranty.Bright, bold color and a slick design combine

List Price: $ 99.00

Price: $ 120.00

Timex T5J031 Unisex Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch Reviews

Timex T5J031 Unisex Digital Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch

  • Sports timing watch with heart rate monitoring; sized for both men and women
  • Chest strap heart rate monitor works with watch to provide target zones and time in zone
  • Recovery heart rate timer; displays calories burned
  • 100-hour chronograph; 27-lap memory; 100-hour countdown timer
  • Watch is water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet); up to 2-year battery life

Zone Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor with a black resin strap and digital display, INDIGLO night-light, 100-hour chronograph, 27-lap memory, 100-hour countdown timer, Alarm with 5 min back up, Water resistant to 50 meters, Target zones, Zone trainer, Average heart rate, Time in zone, Calories burned, Recovery timer, Max heart rate, Digital transmission, Data Recorder compatibleCombining stylish looks with power sport timing and heart rate monitoring features, this mid-sized Timex Digital Fitn

List Price: $ 99.95

Price: $ 46.00

Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

  • Customize your favorite trivia game by downloading your own questions
  • Play your favorite trivia game the way you’ve always played but read questions off an electronic unit instead of cards
  • The unit includes 600 pre-loaded questions from classic categories of Trivial Pursuit
  • Go to and download up to 1800 questions from over 100 micro categories of your choice at no additional charge
  • You will never have to repeat a question. Includes USB cable, 36 scoring wedges, 6 scoring tokens 1 gameboard 1 die and instructions

Your trivia, your choice! With this new twist on trivia, a digital card deck allows you to control what content you play with for every experience. Customize your game for each occasion or go online to get even more content and categories. Easily portable. Requires three “LR03” batteries, not included.

List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 5.80

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PC Treasures Computer Accessory Kit with Digital Download Software for 10.1-Inch Netbook – Black

PC Treasures Computer Accessory Kit with Digital Download Software for 10.1-Inch Netbook – Black



List Price: $ 79.99

Price: $ 79.99

Timex Women’s T5G891 1440 Sports Digital Watch

Timex Women’s T5G891 1440 Sports Digital Watch

  • Quartz movement
  • Blue Resin strap
  • Timer; dual time zones
  • Chrome case
  • Water-resistant to 165 feet (50 M)

This Timex Watch (but not any battery, crystal, band, or strap) is warranted to the owner for a period of ONE YEAR from the date of purchase against defects in manufacture by Timex Corporation. Timex will not repair defects relating to servicing not performed by Timex Corporation. This limited warranty applies to US Customers.Add sporty style and rugged durability to your daily exercise regimen with the small-size Timex T5G851 1440 Sports digital watch. It has a round silver and sky blue resin c

List Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 13.95

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Woods 59377 Digital 7-Day Lamp/Appliance Timer with 2 Outlets, Up to 8 On/Off Settings per day and Battery Back Up

Woods 59377 Digital 7-Day Lamp/Appliance Timer with 2 Outlets, Up to 8 On/Off Settings per day and Battery Back Up

  • 56 on/off settings per week.
  • 8 on/off settings per day.
  • Summer/Winter changeover.
  • Self recharging batter back-up.
  • Manual Override.

Coleman Cable 59377 Heavy Duty Indoor 7 Day Digital Timer With 2 OutletsColeman Cable 59377 Heavy Duty Indoor 7 Day Digital Timer With 2 Outlets Features:; Indoor digital timer; Heavy duty with 2 outlets; Repeats weekly; Up to 8 on and off settings per day; Up to 56 on and off settings per week; Option to program individual days or 8 different weekday groups; Minimum switching period one minute; Summertime and wintertime changeover; Easy to read LCD display; Random automatic on and off security

List Price: $ 21.00

Price: $ 12.65

Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances, 2nd Ed.

Use the Latest Tools and Techniques to Troubleshoot and Repair Major Appliances, Microwaves, and Room Air Conditioners! Now covering both gas and electric appliances.

List Price: $ 59.95


Timex Men’s T5J571 1440 Sport Digital Resin Strap Watch

Timex Men’s T5J571 1440 Sport Digital Resin Strap Watch

  • Quartz movement
  • Strong mineral crystal protects dial from scratches and scrapes
  • Resin case; digital-gray dial; day-and-date functions
  • Water-resistant to 165 feet (50 M)

This Timex men’s 1440 Sport digital watch integrates technological innovations with contemporary details. The watch, which is attractively offset by an alternating silver bezel, comes equipped with a stainless steel case. The durable blue resin band accompanies a tenacious buckle clasp. The matte gray dial face is prominently embellished with easy-to-read digital numerals, and for additional time-keeping efficiency, the watch also includes a handy day-date-and-month calendar, a 24-hour chronogra

List Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 14.88

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Canon PowerShot SD1300IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Blue)

Canon PowerShot SD1300IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7-Inch LCD (Blue)

  • 28mm wide-angle lens; 4x optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Smart AUTO mode intelligently selects from 18 predefined settings
  • 12.1-megapixel resolution allows you to print large size images with clarity and detail
  • Clear 2.7-inch PureColor System LCD
  • Shoot in Low Light mode for dimly-lit situations

It’s all about the power of contrast. Color that defies convention. Sleek, gentle curves that merge art and technology into a camera designed to inspire. The PowerShot SD1300 IS Digital ELPH Camera captures your world as much as it expresses your originality, with bold innovations that include remarkable Low Light performance. Everything looks right. Hold it…and everything feels right, too.

FEATURES: 28mm wide-angle lens, 4x optical zoom and Optical Image Stabilizer – The Can

List Price: $ 179.99

Price: $ 129.00

Plantronics CS-55 Dect 6.0 Digital Wireless Office Headset

Plantronics CS-55 Dect 6.0 Digital Wireless Office Headset

  • 1.9GHz voice-dedicated DECT 6.0 wireless technology limits interference Part # 69700-01
  • Up to 10 hours of extended talk time with range up to 300′
  • One-touch control over call answer/end, volume, and mute
  • Noise canceling microphone filters out unwanted background noise
  • Includes interchangeable ear loops, over-the-head band, AC charger and base station

Plantronics CS-55PLT wireless headset delivers the ultimate in mobility and superior sound quality for hands-free conversations. The Plantronics CS-55PLT uses 1.9GHz voice-dedicated DECT 6.0 wireless technology for uncompromising sound and limits interference from wireless networks or appliances. Additionally, the CS-55PLT features a noise-canceling microphone that filters out background noise. With the hands-free mobility of the wireless CS-55PLT, be in control with one-touch over call answer/e

List Price: $ 299.95

Price: $ 168.50

Casio Men’s DW9052-1V G-Shock Classic Digital Watch

Casio Men’s DW9052-1V G-Shock Classic Digital Watch

  • Quartz movement
  • Protective mineral crystal protects watch from scratches
  • Case diameter: 46 mm
  • Resin case; digital dial; day-date-and-month functions
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet (200 M)

The simply designed Casio G-Shock Classic digital watch for men offers shock resistance that’s great for your most vigorous sporting activities. The durable rectangular black watch case measures 45mm wide (1.77 inches), and it’s matched to a comfortable black resin sports strap. The face has two windows that show time (bottom) and date (top) as well as a circular display for the stopwatch function, which can measure events down to 1/100 of a second for the first 60 minutes (and down to 1 second

List Price: $ 69.95

Price: $ 34.98

Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera Bundle(Purple) Reviews

Kodak EasyShare C182 Digital Camera Bundle(Purple)

  • 12-megapixel resolution
  • 3x optical zoom
  • Smart Capture feature automatically identifies the scene and adjusts camera settings
  • 3-inch LCD screen
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)

Share your world big and bright with the KODAK EASYSHARE C182 Plum Digital Camera Bundle. The camera gives you a gorgeous 3″ display and 12 MP so you can see your life in amazing detail – all at a great price. And with easy-to-use features like Smart Capture, taking extraordinary pictures is as easy as pushing a button.The matching Plum case provides style, value and security for your camera. If you like a good value, you’ll love the C182 Plum Digital Camera Bundle.

List Price: $ 119.00

Price: $ 79.00

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