Agent18 Eco Shield Case for iPhone 1G (Black) Reviews

Agent18 Eco Shield Case for iPhone 1G (Black)

  • Compatibility: iPhone
  • Case designed for long-lasting protection
  • Compatible with Apple’s Universal Dock
  • Allows access to all connectors and the hold switch
  • Made of Eco-friendly materials with minimum carbon impact

Nothing should come between you and your music⿦ except us.Simple, two-piece construction ensures ample protection of your iPhone, while still allowing access to the touch screen, microphone, and connectors. This tough yet environmentally friendly case shields your investment against dust, dings, and drops.

The Agent18 company spans back many generations of music device protection, starting with its founder, Wilhelm von Agent, maker of the first glass harp cover back in 1579. More than 300 years later, the family business was passed onto Vesputi Virginina-Agent, an Italian cousin and inventor of the first wooden phonograph cover (Il Protectoro del Fonopodo) back in 1888. He took the business with him to America, where his great grandson eventually created the aluminum record player cover in 1957. As technology flew forward, so did the Agent family’s music protection… with the Rubber Jukebox Glove, the Cover-man for Walkmen, and the neon Ka-boom Box Plastic Dome. Now, 18 of the descendents of Wilhelm von Agent live and work at Agent18. Headquarters are located in the attic of the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, Calif., where Agent18 creates breakthrough protection for music devices and other electronics accessories for the world.

Okay, the real truth is that Agent18 is just a bunch of nerdy engineers that spend a lot of time with their iPods, cameras, PSPs, and computers, and protecting those gadgets is important to them. All of Agent18 products are designed in sunny Southern California, or on a plane, or sometime when one of the Agent18 team members is out running in the park! Agent18’s goal is to design products that its employees would use for products that they love. They hope you will like the products as well. Welcome to Agent protection.

List Price: $ 24.95

Price: $ 24.95

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