Capable Article Writers Wanted

Capable Article Writers Wanted
This is a long term writing Project that involves writing on a wide variety of topics, as many as you can do per day.

These are all basically rewrite jobs, where the research material, keyword instructions and other instructions are provided for every article job.

All the writer has to do is use the provided material to create a fresh, original Article of their own and proof read their work to weed out any errors grammatical or otherwise (e.g. correcting portions where you’ve failed to follow the instructions in the finished article)

I’m looking for long terms alliances and you can be rest assured you will have work ever day when you are writing for me.

Every Writer who bids must provide fresh samples of their writing of at least 400 word, as well as state the minimum number of words they will be able to produce without fail per working day (monday-friday). Bidders must also provide me with contact details including, but not compulsorily, their phone number so that I may contact them if the need arises.

Payments will be made via Paypal every Saturday.

If you have any questions you may send them my way.

Over to you;

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