Ebook On Social Media How

Ebook On Social Media How
Total pages in Word 10-15 per chapter, always error on more instruction, very newbie level, these are licensed cosmetologists, hair stylist, facial’s, and beauty school graduates.

They will learn to market themselves using the internet through building online social media relationship building.

No techie talk, no internet or IM lingo, very plain simple how to guide. Make it sound easy.

Chapters & Sections

Social Media, what is it, where’s it located, how to write and open profile. Where to find articles on your topics, find groups, & blogs.

No Microblogging, stick to facebook, Ning, Friendster, type sites

Social media- everywoman that wants to get rid of wrinkles is on the internet talking to other women, use online photos, “webcam with laptops via gmail” Send invitations. Find two hours a day, search groups, profiles, blogs, intitle, in url, in anchor searches in Google

Open a Gmail for your work, and stay in it for both hours in a new window do social sites, open a yahoo for collecting competitive intelligence. Set UP alerts in Google For big cities, rich area’s, demographics on skin care

Get a free site, work on it 2 days a week, six days a week, get a url blogger 2 posts/week.

Give them the html to make a link, add an image, and how to copy and paste with right clicks, where to click the html tabs on posting sites. With downloadable How TO sheet, with instructions on how to save on their computer.

Find the GURUS read em’ Keep a swipe file, Look for headlines,
Marketing Blog link Seth Godin & Guerilla Marketing

What to share, better make it valuable. Use what’s available, link to other peoples stuff, then tell them you did and send them a copy. Compliment their knowledge, viewpoint, writing style, technique, tip, something, design of site, name, their content, anything. Ask them a question, or to make a suggestion on how your offering could be better, where to find other valuable information. Good topics

Google’s Adwords tool, min 1k searches, good keywords + geo modifier

SEO, tags, taglines, in gmail sig file how to.

Time management tips techniques, keeping a stash of notebooks, start date on cover, and write down a list for everyday

Marketing, pay for sales copy, Elance, guru.com Tips on video marketing, proper lighting, back to guru to get edited and mixed with text slides.
Establishing yourself as the expert

Build a list:

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