Triathlon Website

Triathlon Website
The website is a triathlon calendar website for people who want to search for triatholons,clubs and coaches in their area, get news, post pictures and videos and get resources on Triathlons. Here are some of the features the site must accomplish:

1) Backend for me to update events, clubs, coaches, links, ads, news events ect…
2) Place for people to add events, Coaches and clubs (Basically a form for me to approve and add)
3) Map of USA with the states popping out when mouse goes over it.
4) International map
5) Great Logo
6) submit email to receive updates and enter contest.
7) Forum for people to chat about triathlons

Here are a few sites to give you an idea of what I am looking for. None of these are totally correct: (I really like the map and how the events are posted with its own page with info) ( I like the home page layout with the news area) (I love the colors and fill of the site very smooth )

Pages: (Just an Idea. There would be many more pages)
Triathlon Events (each state)
Triathlon Clubs (each state)
Triathlon Coaches (each state)
Triathlon Resources (Each State)
News/Tips (List of past news or tips)
Shop (No cart Just links to sites)

Programmer should have the following:
1) Good reviews
2) Newbie’s, please don’t bid on this project and waste my time
3) Great portfolio
4) Willing to do more work in the future (Upgrades, Updates and referrals)

Please give me a total cost. I have also attached a drawing of an Idea of what the home page should look like.

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