Keyword Written Seo Articles

Keyword Written Seo Articles
I’m looking for an on-going relationship to have quality articles written. For this reason, I want to start off with only 10 articles, to give myself the opportunity to review the articles the quality of the articles. If I’m pleased and satisfied that my needs can be met successfully, I will have more articles written on a monthly basis.

The articles for the topic of marriage and relationships should be between 500 to 600 words. The keywords are: marriage, save your marriage, successful marriage, successful relationships, the magic of making up, win back love, get your ex back, stop divorce. I want 5 articles.

The articles for the topic of Mahjong and Solitiare should be between 200 to 300 words. The keywords are: mahjong, mahjong games, mahjong solitaire, mahjong towers, mahjong escape, mahjong quest, solitaire, solitaire games. I want 5 articles for the this topic.

1. The keywords should be use to optimize the articles, not limit your ideas on what to write about. If you can create interesting articles using the keywords, great.

2. I want error free well written articles that are interesting.

3. I want fresh and original articles that provides information. For example, the article “10 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back,” gives readers information in the form of things to observe and consider to know rather their ex wants to get back together. Readers likes articles that arouse their curiosity and interest.

4. I want articles manually submitted to the articles directories of,,, etc, once I have approved them.

5. I retain the rights to all articles. No article can be resold or published. And articles must pass copyscape. I don’t want plagiarize articles!

Thank you for your bid.

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