Review Web Hosting+article

Review Web Hosting+article
(1) Write a genuine Review (i.e positive or negative) about a Hosting company. It should be at least 400 words.

To have a genuine review, you need to have a hosting account with the hosting provider. If you do not have one, you need to create an account with them first by following by instructions. You will pay first and I’ll reimbursed you. You can keep the hosting account.

You need to be familiar with the tools, chat with live support or email support to understand the support response.

Be well organised on what you are looking for in a review of a web hosting company. I’ll leave it to you as everyone has its own view when doing review.

(2)Write a unique article of 500 words related to Hosting.

This is not just about article writing. This is about reviewing a web hosting company and write 1 article related to Hosting.

Bid only if you have experience in web hosting and thus know what you are looking for as a customer in web hosting for a genuine review.

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