WordPress Plugin Creation

WordPress Plugin Creation
I need a WP plugin created that will allow me to hide a portion of the content on a page, or post then have that content fade in after a delay that I set, be it 10 seconds or 10 minutes…

The interface in teh admin panel needs to be clear and nice looking. I just want to upload teh plugin, activate it punch in my settings and be done with it. Ease of use is paramount!

That is it…

This project will lead to other WP projects that I need created. I have posted this project else where and will pick one person from this site and one from the other. Both will be paid to complete this test project, whomever does the best will instantly be awarded additional lucrative projects if they have room for additional work…

I will place your funds in escrow of course, I pay fast and award superb work with surprise bonus payments.



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