Need 5 Unique Articles Written

Need 5 Unique Articles Written
I Need 5 unique articles written on Growing Taller

Example Topic maybe: Growing Taller – How i grew taller naturally

The writer must have the ability to craft exciting copy including GREAT HEADLINES and enticing and WELL-RESEARCHED copy.

I would like the writing to be in a STORY TELLING tone, as if you were having a success story conversation to tell the visitor. (will provide example websites)

Important Points
1.All articles MUST be completely your own original work. We are NOT looking to have the words and phrases of the research provided simply re-arranged. What we are looking for is an original work in the form of a 400+ word article that is developed using the information provided and most importantly your own research. In other words, you should gather your own research, read and draw from the research provided, make notes, gather the important points, concepts, people’s names, referenced websites and relevant keywords, and then write an article from scratch using your own words.

2.All English writing-related articles MUST use correct grammar and be structured in a logical fashion and written with good English. If you are a non-native English speaker you are HIGHLY CAUTIONED against bidding if you are less than 100% certain that you can provide this level of quality.
3. For SEO purposes must be familiar with LSI KEYWORDS. (for my testing purposes)

We Want Each Article Formatted In the Following Manner

Headline: The article must include a catchy headline that addresses the needs of the reader (I.e. Prepaid Cell Phones Free YOU from Contracts and Hassles!).

The first letter of each of the words needs to be capitalized as outlined in the example above.

The headlines need to be approximately the length shown above.

Sub-headlines: The page should include 1 or MORE sub-headlines.

The first letter of each of the words needs to be capitalized (I.e. Choose Pay-As-You-Go to Stay in Control!).

Bulleted Text: The writer, at their discretion may use bulleted text, — providing, it is started after the third paragraph so they do not interfere with our advertising.
Italicized Text: The first occurrence of the Primary keyword within the article (I.e. cell phone plans) should be italicized.

Each Article Requires a Short Description
Article Description: Using the Primary and tier-1 keywords (and/or variations thereof), write a quality and accurate 20-25 word description for each article.

We Do Check for plagiarism

** I will send the winning bidder an attachment on what “keywords” and writer specification I will like the articles/stories written for. **


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