Self-confidence Rewrite

Rewrite for 32,300 words non-fiction typescript on the subject of self-confidence. You must have an excellent grasp of English grammar! Not word spinning! Please provide your interpretation of the 400 word appended test piece for consideration with your bid. Please do not bid unless you provide the test piece. You will see that we have awarded bids in the past, we do not want you to do a test piece just so we can skip off with it! We want you to do it so we can see your quality of work. Supplied in Microsoft Word 97-2003, we expect it to be returned in Microsoft Word format. At least 90% change to text is required for the rewrite! If you cannot provide this then please do not bid and waste your time.

I will be paying FAST through Scriptlance by paypal.

I would like to thank you for reading my project. I appreciate it.



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